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Убийца пьяных бабочек
Не твоё это сука, собачье дело,зачем я выжег на теле темное солнце,и каждый раз я умираю от смеха,когда ты рвешь на куски мое нервное сердце.©
Dear Chuk,
After having read your books, we understood that door, woman, window, whore, slut, gay, microwave oven, table, potatoe, husband, dog, sense of life, rainbow, Ozzy, milk, gin, gender, house, fire, sock, shkarpetki, budka, zupinka, food, cheeseburger, LEAVE HIM, sleeve, cucumber, vomit, pants, vagina, pineapple, zveroboy, Moscow, Biryulyovo, orange, corps, black metal, rotting, lullaby, sperm, swimming pool, ZZ Top, zippo, teapot, petrol, Kamasutra, hole, suck, spoon, ash-tray, nigger, death, Hitler, Yanukovich, speed, drugs, rush, mole, toilet paper, fight, jar, whiskey, love, kill, beast, breast, vodka, VODKA, hangover, what the fuck is going on?, boobs, elections, poker, jelly, shit, abyss, ass, despair, hooker, skid, punk, piska, salmon, jopa, coma, fridge,
And finally we would say that all that is too genial and only you could share such a Nirvana (without Kurt) with us.
Wish you good borshtch,
With love and self-destruction,
Mary and Kate.